In 2014, Riverkeeper is celebrating 15 year of precedent-setting river restoration action that succeeding in resolving nearly all of its major river pollution issues, putting an end to Canada’s longest standing environmental battle (Petitcodiac causeway campaign, since the mid-1960’s) and triggering the largest river restoration project in North America. Because of Riverkeeper’s actions, hundreds of thousands of fish are now migrated annually to the headwaters of the Petitcodiac, the river channel is being restored for navigation purposes and the natural wonder of the Petitcodiac Tidal Bore has begun its miraculous recovery. Once the secondary treatment upgrade is completed at the Greater Moncton Sewage Treatment plant in 2018, the Petitcodiac will become one of Atlantic Canada’s cleanest major rivers. Winning back from the brink of extinction a river that was subjected to a prolonged barrage of ecological abuse required the use of leading edge strategies, most notably in the area of communications, environmental investigation, environmental law enforcement and the strict adherence to evidence-based research protocols. It also required Riverkeeper to excel in fundraising in order to sustain its crucial work during this long drawn-out campaign. Prior to 1999, local river restoration activists invested enormous hours of work to advance the cause, but were barely able to raise $50,000 during a 30 year period in the community (pop. 120,000). Over the next 11 years, Riverkeeper would raise over $1 million to sustain its campaigns, hire staff and cover the expenses of some of Canada’s best environmental investigators, environmental lawyers and scientific experts. Riverkeeper’s actions were successful in leveraging an estimated $8 million in government administrative, scientific and legal expertise, which enabled us to secure solutions to the river’s major problems (Environment Canada’s Enforcement Division for the riverside landfill, textile mill effluent and oil spill cases, the $5 million Environmental Assessment, etc.). Finally these actions triggered capital investments that will soon total in excess of $150 million for the Petitcodiac River and our community. Through Riverkeeper’s use of these skills (communications, fundraising, environmental law enforcement), the once proud heritage and dignity of the mighty Petitcodiac River was restored. And as a result of these efforts, the restoration of the Petitcodiac is celebrated today as one of the region’s proudest achievements.
This section presents 10 major Riverkeeper campaigns and cases that have helped protect and save the Petitcodiac River, as well as 10 other former or ongoing campaigns.

  1. Petitcodiac causeway
  2. Top ten pollution sources
  3. Riverside landfill case
  4. Sewage treatment
  5. Oil spill case
  6. Textile mill case
  7. Abandoned dams
  8. Stream clean ups
  9. Riverfront Park
  10. Rock fill project

Other campaigns

-       Gorge Road contaminated soil case
-       Halls Creek rehabilitation project
-       Land conservation and river access project
-       Mapleton Park stream case
-       Memramcook causeway
-       Memramcook rock quarry
-       Other tidal barriers
-       Pesticides
-       Petitcodiac Renaissance
-       Snow dumps