Our Vision for the Petitcodiac River

Since the spring of 1999, our organization has built a vision for this river system that will make this region proud. This vision is about recognizing that our river needs our attention, accepting that mistakes have been made in the past, identifying concrete options and solutions to overcome these issues, fostering economic and social development opportunities, building consensus and moving forward.

Our vision is also about recognizing the principle that we all share the responsibility of solving the Petitcodiac River’s challenges, and that previous decisions and measures taken by our political forefathers only delayed the day that a decision would be taken to restore this river system. The responsibility falls on our generation, and not the one that will follow us, to correct the mistakes done to the Petitcodiac River.

Full Tidal Flow

As detailed in our “Discussion Paper” released in March 2000, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper favours restoring full tidal flow to this river by replacing the causeway with a bridge. We consider this as a reasonable, cost-effective and environmentally sound, long-term solution for the good of this entire river system and for the good of all residents of this watershed.

Tidal Bore Restoration 

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper believes that tremendous community pride, economic development opportunities and international goodwill can be generated with the restoration of the Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore phenomenon. We are committed to working with local businesses, the communities and government to promote development and restoration of this unique natural phenomenon, certain to become another jewel in New Brunswick’s already outstanding tourism and recreational experiences in the Bay of Fundy region.

Estuary Restoration 

Restoring full tidal flow to the Petitcodiac River will set in motion one of Canada’s largest estuary restoration projects to date: opening up 21 km of a 54 km long tidal river, and restoring normal river system functions to approximately 50% of its 3,000 km2 watershed area. These measures would go a long way to restoring ecological integrity to this watershed, generating international goodwill and we believe as well, tremendous community pride.

Fisheries Recovery

The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is committed to working with commercial and recreational fisheries representatives, communities and government in the efforts to protect and restore fishing activities in the Petitcodiac River system and Shepody Bay estuary. Sound measures can be developed not only to protect existing fishery interests, but also to foster strong recreational and commercial fisheries for this region.