Summer events 2022

Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper (SPR) was created in 1999 by Acadian, Mi’kmaq and Anglophone communities to provide a unified voice and to work together towards the restoration of the Petitcodiac River – whose natural flow was choked by the construction of a causeway in 1967. This had dramatically altered the river’s natural ecosystem.

SPR’s long-fought environmental battle led to the permanent opening of the causeway gates in April 2010, which started the river’s revitalization process with the return of freer tidal flow.

The opening of the new bridge, planned for the fall of 2021, as well as upgrades and modernization of Greater Moncton’s advanced secondary and biological wastewater treatment, which are nearly complete, means that we are witnessing the largest river restoration project in Canada at the beginning of the 21st century.

To mark this occasion SPR – as well as its various partners – are organizing and holding events that celebrate the Petitcodiac River, and educate about the history, cultural importance, and potential of the river.

Celebrating our beloved Petitcodiac River and watershed, while learning new ways to engage with the river in a responsible and sustainable way that can lead to community growth and economic development, is what we the Riverkeepers have always been working towards.

Join us in celebrating this 22-year long journey by checking out our event calendar throughout the summer and fall months.

As you participate in these events, take a moment to reflect on these points…

The Petitcodiac River has an important and long history to the Mi’kmaq people. The river provided rich hunting and fishing grounds and was the ancient transportation route that connected southeastern NB to communities in the north and Quebec. Today it has become a microcosm of New Brunswick’s multicultural society.

The construction of the causeway led to numerous environmental crises. The preservation of the ecological integrity of this shared land, and unceded Mi’kmaq territory, is a process that is increasingly and justifiably acknowledged in the public domain.  

Are you an event organizer?

We would like to hear from you! This year presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the restoration of the river. We invite and encourage you to incorporate the theme of the river into your regularly scheduled programming.

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