Petitcodiac Riverwatch

An important part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem is to ensure that everyone in the community can be involved in protecting our environment.  Engaging volunteers to help steward our precious river system is an essential part of our work.

To this end, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper has launched the RiverWatch Program. This program is designed to give community members the tools and knowledge they need to monitor our watershed.  RiverWatchers are provided with the tools and knowledge they need to help protect their waterways by identifying problems that pose the greatest environmental risks.

RiverWatchers are responsible for monitoring specific areas of our watershed. They can become involved in ways that reflect their own interests, availability and skills. Each RiverWatcher identifies activities in their local community that may have a negative impact on the watershed. They work together with Petitcodiac Riverkeeper to find effective solutions to local environmental challenges.



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