Volunteer Riverwatchers

What it takes to become a volunteer RiverWatcher:

  • Interest in the health of the watershed and its protection.
  • Ability and desire to spend time near the Petitcodiac, Memramcook or Shepody rivers or one of their tributaries.
  • Passion for the outdoors.
  • Desire to get involved and make a difference.

RiverWatchers OBSERVE the river and its tributaries to report changes and impacts on the ecosystem.  For example, RiverWatchers look for sewage spills, loss of fish habitat, fish kills, and contaminant or sediment discharges into a waterway. RiverWatchers TAKE ACTION to protect local waterways by monitoring, documenting and reporting environmental risks. He or she will learn how to apply the tools at their disposal to put an end to report environmental infractions and deter potential polluters. RiverWatchers EDUCATE the public by informing others about their findings and concerns. He or she plays an important role in the local community by helping others understand the importance of protecting our watershed. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper supports RiverWatchers with:

  • Training and workshops.
  • Up-to-date information about current environmental issues and problem-solving strategies.
  • Contact information for relevant authorities, groups and other valuable resources.
  • Support through our website.
  • Access to Petitcodiac Riverkeeper for events, meetings, water patrols and site investigations.







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