#ILoveThePeticodiac Contest

2021 will be a historic year for our region! The closure of the Petitcodiac River’s causeway in the spring marked the countdown towards the grand opening of the new bridge over the river planned for the fall of 2021. Our beloved Petitcodiac River will finally flow freely again and be on the path to complete restoration. 

To create excitement about the momentous/historical occasion the construction of the new bridge over the Petitcodiac River represents for the river’s restoration and our community, Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper (SPR) launched and ran a contest on Facebook & Instagram (April 5-May 31, 2021) inviting locals to submit beautiful photos of the river and its surroundings and include a testimonial about why they love the Petitcodiac River and/or what excites them the most about the river’s restoration.

We received over 80 entries in the contest! Our jury had picked 10 finalists based on the creativity of each photo and accompanying testimonial. We then invited the public to vote for their top 5 photos! We are pleased to announce the winners:

  • Karen Crawford-Colwell
  • Luce Mazerolle-Richard
  • Martial Comeau
  • Cathy Doucet
  • Valerie Kaye



Karen Crawford – Colwell


Perhaps one day we will see more eagles soaring above the Petitcidiac as the fish begin to return!


Luce Mazerolle-Richard


Pourquoi j’aime la Petitcodiac …
16 mai 2021

Elle m’a accueilli dès mon arrivée à Moncton, en 1992. Elle me réservait bien des surprises. Je l’ai longée dans les plus grands froids comme dans les chaleurs torrides. Elle est devenue ma confidente et porte mes souvenirs les plus touchants.

Elle m’a permis de découvrir ses couleurs, ses humeurs, au gré des saisons, et m’introduisit à la végétation et à la nature qui l’entourent. J’ai eu le plaisir d’apercevoir, le long de son flanc, des oiseaux de tous genres, des renards, des chevreuils, des faisans et j’en passe.

Elle laissait, au cours de ses marées, des empreintes de visages, des « design » variés, très impressionnants, sur cette belle vase rouge de chaque côté de ses berges.

Mais c’est lorsque je fus en présence de l’arrivée du Mascaret que mon émotion frisa le maximum. J’entendis un bourdonnement qui ne m’était pas familier. Je me demandais ce qui se passait. Les oiseaux s’esquivaient, tout était en motion autour de moi. Oh! Quelle surprise! Quand je compris ce qui se passait, la joie m’envahit complètement. J’assistais à un phénomène des plus merveilleux.

Après cette expérience, je réalisai que je pouvais en faire un parallèle avec ma propre vie. Quand tu es découragée, ou attristée par quelque chose et que soudainement se présente une grande joie, celle-ci devient ton Mascaret intérieur.

Amanda Haché

Reasons why #ilovethepetitcodiac ! 

1. Recently started commuting Rio to daycare along the riverfront which is such an amazing start to our day!   We talk about the birds (geese, Great Blue Herons, Red Winged Black birds, Pheasants+++), flowers, trees, and wave at other cyclists and walkers. Sometimes we even catch the bore!!

2. Mud! love it!

3. Rafted the river with other River Lovers a few years back and it was magical!  What an incredible body of water the flows in and out of our City twice daily!  Providing habit and energy for so much life! 

Things I would love to see on the riverfront – Historic/environmental walking/biking tours, an ice cream stand!, more food and drink/seating options, hammocks/swings like the Halifax waterfront, YOU:-)

Darlene Elward

I’m looking forward to seeing the improvement on the watershed ecosystem, wildlife biodiversity and water quality that surrounds the Petitcodiac River. I took this picture while conducting wetland assessments with the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance. I wanted to capture the beauty of the Petitcodiac River in that moment.

J’ai hâte de voir l’amélioration de l’écosystème du bassin versant, la biodiversité de la faune et de la qualité de l’eau qui entoure la rivière Petitcodiac. J’ai pris cette photo lors de l’évaluation des zones humides avec l’Alliance du bassin versant de Petitcodiac. Je voulais capturer la beauté de la rivière Petitcodiac à ce moment-là.

Sharing my love and appreciation of the Petitcodiac River!



Don Cafferty


I love the connection it gives me with nature. The flow of the tidal basin is constantly changing. The Petitcodiac is a place where one can live, work and play.


Martial Comeau


Le passage des marées dans la Petitcodiac permet la formation de motifs dans les zones plus sujettes à l’ assèchement.


Cathy Doucet 

Always love to see the mudflats at sunrise on the Petitcodiac.


Gordon Williams

I grew up 2 blocks from this spot in the 70’s and 80’s.  The causeway was 4 years old when I moved here, during those years I watched the river choke with the buildup of silt.  Directly across on the Moncton side was a dump. Clearly and sadly, our community was ashamed of our river. By the 90s there was a shift. The dump was moved, a treatment plant was built, riverfront trails were developed. Eventually, the gates were permanently opened and the river began to widen, the tidal bore was making a comeback. A bridge is under construction and the river is now being freed. ❤

#pedigotiag #petitcodiacriver #petitcodiacwatershed #tidalriver #seenwhilecycling #seeninnb #cyclinglife #ilovethepetitcodiac

Melvin Pm

The Petitcodiac River is very special to me.  Since I arrived here 9 years ago, it captivated my attention when I saw the tidal bore for the first time.  From that moment I began to learn a lot about the river and see how it has changed with each year.  I feel privileged to be able to surf this wonder of nature.  The Petitcodiac River is part of my life and fills my soul with positive energy.  I want to thank all those who have worked for many years making the great project of replacing the Causeway and building the new bridge a reality.  Now we can finally see the tidal bore flowing free. Long live the Petitcodiac River!  



Valerie Kaye

Can’t wait till those warm summer days to sit and enjoy the bore again!



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