10th Anniversary




In 2009, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper celebrated its tenth anniversary with a full slate of initiatives throughout the year. The organization established a 10th Anniversary Committee, which was tasked with organizing ten initiatives throughout the year, one for each year the organization was been in existence.

Committee members included: Committee Co-chairs Daniel LeBlanc (former Riverkeeper, Moncton) and Raissa Marks (Elgin); Marc Chouinard (Beaumont); Marc “Chops” Arsenault (Moncton); Ruell Sloane (Petitcodiac); Wayne Feindel (Dorchester); and current Riverkeeper Tim Van Hinte (Moncton).

Here is a list of the 10th Anniversary events that took place in 2009:

February 18 – Official launch of 10th anniversary and logo
March 26 – Launch of new Riverkeeper website and countdown clock
May 2 – Petitcodiac to Salisbury river run
June 6 – Petcudiàc performance – Capitol Theatre
June 14 – Petitcodiac River Sign Presentation on Gunningsville Bridge
September 26 – Declaration 2010 Year of the Petitcodiac
October 16 – 10th Anniversary CD launch
October 24 – 10th Anniversary Benefit Concert
November 16 – Riverkeeper unveils 5-year Strategic Plan
December 16 – 2010 Celebration Committee unveiled

For the occasion, a document, Highlighting the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper’s First 10 Years: 1999 – 2009, was also published.