Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper launches – Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 – A Summer Showcase of Events and Activities Inviting Residents to Reflect on the Petitcodiac River


MONCTON – JULY 20, 2021 – Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper (SPR) is proud to launch Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 – a summer and fall showcase of events and activities which celebrate the Petitcodiac River and educate about the history, cultural importance, and potential of the river.

2021 marks a tremendous year for the Petitcodiac River. The opening of the new bridge, planned for the fall of 2021, as well as upgrades and modernization of Greater Moncton’s advanced secondary and biological wastewater treatment, which are nearly complete, means that we are witnessing the largest river restoration project in Canada at the beginning of the 21st century. Once considered one of the most endangered rivers in Canada, the Petitcodiac River is now one of the most successful river restoration projects in the country.

“This year presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the restoration of the river. We invite and encourage municipalities, towns, villages, businesses, institutions, and organizations in the region to incorporate the theme of the river into their programming to help us get as many people in the community as possible taking a moment to reflect on and appreciate our beloved Petitcodiac River”, says SPR Chair Ronald Babin. 

Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 officially kicks off this week (July 19th) with several events people can take part in, including many self-directed activities suggested by SPR, such as stargazing, birdwatching, bike riding and picnics, that can easily be accomplished individually or with a few close friends and/or family members while outside enjoying and taking in views of the river. Some of the events proposed by SPR can even be done virtually, such as taking a moment to learn about and support the campaign currently led by the organization to designate the new bridge as “Pont Petigotiag Bridge” as a meaningful gesture in recognition of the history of the Petitcodiac River and the contributions of its tricultural communities – Acadian, Mi’kmaq and Anglophone –towards its restoration efforts. The public is currently encouraged to vote on and choose a logo for this campaign and sign a declaration of support or send emails/letters of support.

Among the events offered by SPR’s partner organizations, the Town of Riverview is holding a series of Walking Tours called the “Hidden Secrets of the Riverfront” throughout July and August, the Moncton Library is hosting an outdoor reading adventure in Riverfront Park throughout August, and Resurgo Place is offering Tidal Bore presentations throughout the summer in Bore Park.

Events will continue to be offered weekly well into the fall months, with many being added weekly as more and more event organizers join in on the fun. The public is encouraged to view the full calendar of events and check in often at

“We’ll be heavily promoting all the events showcased on our Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 calendar via social media to create a buzz and excitement in the community as we get closer to the grand opening of the new bridge,” adds Babin. “We want this summer to be one of reflection and celebration related to the monumental changes the Petitcodiac River has gone through, all the while looking towards the future and getting people to learn new ways of engaging with the river in a responsible and sustainable way that can lead to community growth and economic development.”

Event organizers that wish to add their events and activities to the Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 calendar listings, or get in touch regarding opportunities to collaborate, can contact SPR at  


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