Addressing Pollution Sources

  • We have brought polluters to justice, filed complaints and followed through on possible infractions of the Federal Fisheries Act and provincial environmental laws. For example, in the summer of 2000, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper suspected that leachate running from a Moncton landfill into Jonathan Creek (a tributary of the Petitcodiac) violated the Federal Fisheries Act. We put together a brief showing leachate impact on fish and raised concerns with Environment Canada. Environment Canada followed up on our brief, launched its own investigation and charges were laid against Gemtec Limited and the City of Moncton for unlawfully depositing or permitting the deposit of leachate in the creek. The City of Moncton pled guilty and Gemtec was found guilty.
  • In 2008, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper reported an illegal mineral drilling operation in the Turtle Creek watershed, a protected area that supplies Greater Moncton with drinking water. With the help of a local citizen, we alerted authorities who immediately required the drilling operation to be shut down. Charges against the company are pending. In addition, the case led the Province of New Brunswick to change its mineral exploration rules the following month.
  • We have engaged the public in environmental pollution issues through public awareness by releasing our annual list of the Top Ten Pollution Sources in our watershed. We continue to advocate for appropriate action on issues such as sewage treatment, uranium exploration and mining, pesticides and stormwater pollution.


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