Petitcodiac River Award

The Petitcodiac River Award is presented yearly by Petitcodiac Riverkeeper to recognize individuals, businesses, groups or government agencies that have made a significant contribution towards protecting, promoting or restoring the Petitcodiac River ecosystem.


This year, the 2022 Petitcodiac River Award was presented to Cindy Roy, for her book in the Féeli Tout series; À la rescousse de la rivière. This book encourages people to take care of the river by telling the story of a clean-up operation for the Petitcodiac River shoreline. 

“I am truly touched and honored to receive this award. The Chocolate River is part of the Féeli Tout universe, yes. But it is first and foremost the engine of my inspiration. I always have good ideas when I come for a walk by the river. And this has been the case for quite some time now. Even more so since the opening of the causeway gates in 2010. When I was told that I was the recipient of the award, my first reaction was, “Oh my! Dani should get this award!”  We agree that Dani is the swamp guard in the Féeli Tout stories! I think my characters are maybe a little too vivid for me”

Past Award Winners


École Amirault in Dieppe for its education project on the Petitcodiac River


Environment Canada’s Office of Enforcement for the Atlantic Region, in Halifax, for its investigative work in resolving two long outstanding toxic discharge cases affecting Jonathan Creek (the former Moncton riverside landfill) and Humphreys Brook (textile mill effluent discharges)


The arts community as a whole, for its generosity and long-standing commitment to the cause of restoring free flow to the Petitcodiac River


Province of New Brunswick for their work in carrying out and overseeing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for removal of the Petitcodiac River causeway


Mascaret Newspaper for its press coverage of watershed issues and promotion of the social and cultural values of the Petitcodiac River.


Peter Etheridge for his leadership in establishing the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, an initiative where communities, policy-makers, resource managers and scientists work cooperatively to achieve a greater degree of sustainability between human development and ecosystem health.


L’école Le Mascaret and local artist Reg Noël for their project titled “Mon école, ma fierté” including a 33-panel mural of the Petitcodiac River made from copper


Marc ”Chops” Arsenault received the 2009 Petitcodiac River Award for his outstanding work producing the two music compilations for the Petitcodiac river: Pet-kout-koy-ek Songs for a river in 1996 and PETITCODIAC in 2009.


Victore LeBlanc, fisherman from Belliveau Village for his perseverance for the last 40 years following the construction of the causeway. LeBlanc never stopped believing that one day the fish would come back and that the river would be restored.


Chief Joseph Knockwood (Centre) from the Fort Folly First Nations received the Petitcodiac River Award for his contribution throughout the years.


Melvin Perez received the award on behalf of all surfers as 2013 was known as the “Year of the Surf” on the Petitcodiac River.


Source: Times & Transcript – Same Theatre, Different Show – Street Photographer Honoured for River Pictures.

The 2020 Petitcodiac River Award went to artist-photographer Serge Martin. Serge Martin has photographed the multifaceted Petitcodiac River on a daily basis and has taken countless pictures of exceptional quality and beauty.


The 2021 Petitcodiac River Award is given to two people.

For Fort Folly First Nation’s exemplary commitment to the restoration of the Petitcodiac River and its groundbreaking work in conservation of protected lands and indigenous conservation.

Chief Rebecca Knockwood and Ronald Babin standing in front of the bridge between Moncton and Riverview.

Award given posthumously for his exemplary commitment to the restoration of the Petitcodiac River, including serving as Mayor of the Village of Petitcodiac and as Chair of the Southeast Regional Service Commission.

Gerry Gogan’s wife, Leslie, standing with Ronald Babin


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