Riverfront Park

In the fall of 2005, Riverkeeper led a campaign to have Moncton City Council reverse its decision to sell a 2-acre parcel of public Riverfront parkland to a private developer. Presented an alternative vision of the Riverfront Park to City Council, making the comparison with the City’s Victoria Park, which was the subject of a renewal process.

Riverkeeper also approached Downtown Moncton Inc. to encourage them to undertake a comprehensive “visioning” exercise associated with future riverfront developments and enlisted the non-for-profit group SOS Eau Water to lead a court injunction against the City of Moncton on this transaction (which had not been subjected to a public tendering process). The developer ended backing out from the proposal and the City of Moncton reversed its decision. Less than a year later, Downtown Moncton Inc. proceeded with a large “visioning exercise” to better plan for its downtown and riverfront/green corridors.


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