Join the global family of those who enjoy the treasure hunting game that is geocaching. In this recreational outdoor activity, the goal is quite simple; Get to the specific set of GPS coordinates, then find the geocache (container) hidden nearby, sign the logbook (to show you were there), and return the geocache to its original location.

To get started follow this link and download the app! Or c:geo is also an option for android users.

There are plenty of caches (short for geocaches) to get started on near the Petitcodiac River, as well as Earthcaches (they are special places you can visit and learn about a unique feature of the earth) if you’re up for the adventure.

If you’re looking for more information, check out the geocaching 101 page

While you’re out trying to find geocaches or even taking it a step further and finding earthcaches, you can reflect on our own wonder which is the Petitcodiac River. Our river along with the Shepody Bay estuary are important tidal systems influenced by the phenomenal Bay of Fundy tides. The tides reach upwards of 9m in height on the Petitcodiac River and 14m in the Shepody Bay area (Hopewell Rocks), uncovering kilometres of mudflats at low tide and nourishing some of the world’s greatest estuaries. Learn more about the wonders of the Petitcodiac River.

Share a photo on Facebook or Instagram of you participating in this activity and tag it #petitcodiacBINGO for a chance to win a prize! Feeling lucky? Complete a row in our Bingo Card for extra entries.

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