Watercourse Protection

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is actively working to protect the watercourses and wetlands of the 3,000 km2 Petitcodiac River watershed. The organization is also currently working on projects to rehabilitate and clean up streams in our watershed.

Watercourse Clean-Ups

The Petitcodiac Watershed covers approximately 3,000 km2, including 10 municipalities and villages, and some 120,000 people. As in many areas of the province, different types of waste is found in many of our watercourses. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper organizes stream clean-ups each spring and fall by recruiting volunteers to help improve the health of our local streams.

Pollution Reporting and Investigations

An important part of having a healthy ecosystem is to ensure that the community can share in the commitment to protect and promote the integrity of our environment. Engaging volunteers to help steward our precious river system is an essential part of Petitcodiac Riverkeeper’s work.

To this end, Petitcodiac Riverkeeper has launched the Riverwatch Program. The program is designed to give community members the tools and knowledge they need to help protect their river and identify problems that pose the greatest environmental risks to their community.

Get involved!

RiverWatchers identify themselves with specific sections of the river or a tributary and become involved in ways that reflect their own interest, time and skills. Each Riverwatcher identifies the activities in their local community that may be having an impact on the river. Together, they work with Petitcodiac Riverkeeper to find solutions to local environmental issues.

Land Conservation

Land situated along our rivers and streams holds a special place in our hearts and plays a vital role in protecting nature’s ecological features. These riparian zones, as they are called, are also prime habitat for wildlife and rare plants.

Trees located along brooks provide shade to keep stream temperatures cool for fish. Tree root systems and shoreline vegetation also prevent erosion and act as filters to protect rivers from runoff caused by human activity.

By permanently protecting your land from damaging clear-cuts or poorly planned developments, you assure a legacy of nature conservation for future generations.

The Petitcodiac Watershed Land Conservation Project aims to promote land conservation along the Petitcodiac, Memramcook and Shepody River systems.

If you own a piece of land near a watercourse in this region and want to make sure that it is forever protected, call us to find out how we can help you.

Conservation tools include purchases of land or obtaining legal easements to protect the ecological features long after the land has been transferred or sold to someone else.

For more information, please contact our office.


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