Memramcook River and Causeway

The Memramcook River causeway and associated gates and supporting structures were built in 1973 and have been deteriorating from weather conditions and salt water ever since. Over the years, this has altered the natural ecosystem in the 400 km2 watershed and contributed to the elimination of several kilometres of upstream estuary, affecting the tidal range fish migrations and nutrient exchange in the river system. The causeway will soon reach a point where it will need significant repairs and upgrades. Planning must begin immediately to modify, repair or remove the existing causeway to ensure its next 50 to 100-year life span. The mission of Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is to lead in the restoration, protection and promotion of the ecological integrity of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook watersheds and the Shepody Bay Estuary. We have been calling attention to the deterioration of the Memramcook River causeway for many years and are committed to working with government and other key stakeholders to prevent further damage. We bring extensive knowledge and experience in river causeway long-term viability assessment, close working relationships with the community as well as a collaborative approach that will ensure that all key stakeholders are engaged in the process and supportive of the outcomes. 

There are two key goals for this project: 

1) To reduce the impacts of climate change and the aging causeway on the Memramcook River, its watershed, ecosystem, dykes, surrounding land and property; and 

2) To foster sustainable economic growth for the community by building an ecotourism industry around the Memramcook River.



Public consultations took place in Dorchester and Memramcook in February and March 2020. Citizens were strongly in favour of advocating for the replacement of the Memramcook causeway with a bridge. The river would thus be allowed to return to its most natural state and with that, habitat recovery could begin. This option is most likely to result in the largest benefits to the river and its surrounding ecosystem. 

Interested citizens who would like to offer feedback or be kept in the loop for future community discussions and follow-up on this project should contact Krysta Cowling at

They can also join our Facebook Group: Memramcook River Restoration.




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