Our mission is to lead in the restoration, protection and promotion of the ecological integrity of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook watersheds and the Shepody Bay estuary, situated in southeastern New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy.


This mission is accomplished by engaging in public education, promoting the rivers’ cultural heritage, social and economic values, patrolling and monitoring the watershed, undertaking actions to promote compliance with environmental laws and initiating
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watercourse rehabilitation projects.Our goals:

  • To protect the ecological integrity of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds and the Shepody Bay estuary
  • To promote the environmental, socioeconomic, cultural and historical values of the river system through public awareness initiatives
  • To restore fish passage and fish habitat throughout the watershed
  • To educate citizens and youth on the importance of clean water
  • To identify pollution sources and promote effective solutions