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Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is Canada’s first chapter of a powerful network of River, Bay and Soundkeepers which started in the United States under the name Waterkeeper Alliance. Founded in 1999, this movement, which originates with the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association in New York, has a storied past when it comes to fighting for the restoration of rivers. Waterkeeper Alliance is an international water advocacy organization that fights for everyone’s right to clean water.

In the 1980s, the Hudson Riverkeeper became the first Keeper organization, led by two dynamic and well-known figures: John Cronin and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Today, there are over 180 Waterkeeper programs throughout North America and overseas. Waterkeeper programs have brought on significant challenges to polluters of North America’s waterways and have a litany of legal victories, forcing governments and industries to clean up. Waterkeeper Alliance champions clean water and strong communities by supporting its members with legal, scientific and policy expertise and capacity-building support. In 1997, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and John Cronin published “The Riverkeepers,” a book which is now being read around the world and which gives a good background to the movement. For more information on the Waterkeeper Alliance, please visit their web site.

Waterkeepers Canada

Nine Waterkeeper programs in Canada form a unique national front of the greater Waterkeeper Alliance movement. This additional layer of support provides Canadian programs unique opportunities for team building and strategizing on local issues that have national importance. Both the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Canadian Waterkeeper groups provide invaluable support systems and networks for Petitcodiac Riverkeeper.

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