Everything is better with food! Pack up a nice meal and take your family or friends out to enjoy the view of the Petitcodiac. Communities along the Petitcodiac have parks with picnic benches or grassy areas perfect for a picnic blanket.

Don’t forget to follow your community’s COVID-19 guidelines and to take care of your surroundings by picking up after yourself and protecting our beautiful river!

While you enjoy your picnic, you can take a moment to reflect on the marine species that inhabit the Petitcodiac River. Since the causeway gates opened in 2010, we have seen the amazing recovery, and return of every single fish species that had once thrived in the waters, including the rare Atlantic Sturgeon and the endangered subspecies of the Inner Bay of Fundy salmon. Knowing the severe decline of our marine life, it allows us to understand the importance of maintaining the ecological integrity of our river. 

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