Not sure what to do with your night? Take a look at your local weather forecast and if conditions permit, go out for a stargazing trip!

Stargazing can bring you various benefits, such as reconnecting you to nature, stress relief, expanding your creative mind, and family-fun. 

There are great spots along the Petitcodiac River for your stargazing trip. We recommend moving away from city lights to minimize the chance of light pollution and obstruct your view of the stars.

We also recommend these free apps if you’d like to learn a little more about constellations and stargazing for beginners:

Star Walk 2
Star Chart
Night Sky (Apple)

While enjoying your view of the stars by the riverfront, you can take a moment to reflect on the historical importance the river had to the native Mi’kmaq people. The river provided rich hunting and fishing grounds and was the ancient transportation route that connected southeastern New-Brunswick to communities in the north and Quebec. You can always learn more about on the history of the Petitcodiac River!

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