Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

Is there a better way to start and end your day than by watching the sunrise and sunset on the Petitcodiac River? There are many peaceful spots along the river to enjoy the early morning sunrise or sunset at the end of the day.

Check your local sunrise and sunset time, easy place to find it is on your weather app and plan your dawn or twilight excursion.

While you’re enjoying the view on the Petitcodiac River, you can take a moment to reflect on the history of the Petitcodiac River. Is a healthy river important to you? How can we protect the river and its value for the next 50-150 years, or the next seven generations?

Share a photo on Facebook or Instagram of you participating in this activity and tag it #petitcodiacBINGO for a chance to win a prize! Feeling lucky? Complete a row in our Bingo Card for extra entries.

The event is finished.

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