Take Action

10 Suggestions of things you can do to help the Petitcodiac and the environment:

1. Be informed

Be informed about the issues and the impacts concerning the Petitcodiac River and share your knowledge and your preoccupations with the people who surround you.

2. Become a volunteer

Become involved in one of the committees of the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper.

3. Take part in the events

Join us during stream clean-ups, fundraising or public events organized for the river.

4. Ask your politicians to act!

Share your preoccupations with your elected representatives and ask them to act in order to save the Petitcodiac River and the environment.

5. Watch for polluters!

Keep an eye out for the environment and inform Environment Department representatives or the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper when you notice a supicious environmental problem.

6. Respect the environment

Adopt environmentally friendly practices and consumption habits.

7. Explore nature

Visit the four corners of the Petitcodiac River watershed, take a walk on the riverfront trail, see the natural wonder of the tidal bore and the migratory shore birds in the Shepody Bay estuary.

8. Make a donation

Contribute generously to fundraising campaigns to save the Petitcodiac River, become a member of the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper Society.

9. Be creative

Be Inspired by the Petitcodiac River and create an artwork, a text, a project, or any other activity.

10. Thank the Earth!

Take a moment to thank the Earth for all that it gives us: water, clean air and nature.


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