Memramcook Causeway Toolkit

Will you help make history? We have reached a critical tipping point with the aging Memramcook Causeway; a dam-like structure that is blocking the natural flow of the Memramcook River. The structure will either require costly repairs to remain operational, or will need to be replaced with a bridge.

Communities around the Memramcook River and Causeway have been calling for its removal since its construction in 1973. The causeway has contributed to the elimination of several kilometres of the upstream estuary affecting the tidal range, fish migrations, sedimentation and nutrient exchange in the river system. In addition, the causeway has caused the elimination of nearly every fish species that once inhabited the river, including the distinct Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, American shad, Striped bass, Atlantic tomcod, Sea-run brook trout and more.

A bridge will allow the Memramcook river to flow freely, and for restoration to begin, while keeping the communities on both sides of the river connected.

How can you help liberate the river? Check out the links below to learn more about the Memramcook River and Causeway and how you can participate in its removal.


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