Volunteer Opportunities

Please fill out our volunteer form and send it to us to get involved!
Why we need you:

  • Help identify areas of concern and of opportunity for ensuring the health and sustainability of Petitcodiac River waterhsed.
  • Help the Riverkeeper by monitoring waterways within your community through our RiverWatch program.
  • Utilize your scientific, legal, or other specific expertise on environmental river issues.
  • Lead, or help with, specific task forces and campaigns.
  • Help raise money for our organization.
  • Act as liaison in building partnerships with supportive organizations and businesses.
  • Help the Riverkeeper by handling administrative, IT, equipment or other practical matters.
  • Raise awareness of river issues and the role of Petitcodiac Riverkeeper within your community and with your political representatives.
  • Help with all the translation work that needs to be done.
  • Help us out in the office.
  • Work as a volunteer on our Board of Directors or on one of our committees.