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Subject: I support the name  “Pont Petigotiag Bridge” 

Text to copy-paste:
I am writing to bring your attention to the unique opportunity we have to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the Petitcodiac River’s restoration as well as its history and cultural legacy through the naming of the new bridge being built to replace the causeway between Moncton and Riverview. I fully support the name “Pont Petigotiag Bridge” for this new bridge (pronounced Peti-ko-tiak, similar to Petitcodiac). Petigotiag means “river that bends like a bow” in the Mi’kmaq language. In this spelling, used by Mi’kmaq communities in New Brunswick, the g’s are pronounced as k’s.

Naming the new bridge Pont Petigotiag Bridge would be an important symbolic gesture in recognition of the history of the Petitcodiac River and the contributions of its Acadian, Mi’kmaq and Anglophone communities.


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