Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper launches – Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 – A Summer Showcase of Events and Activities Inviting Residents to Reflect on the Petitcodiac River


MONCTON – JULY 20, 2021 – Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper (SPR) is proud to launch Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 – a summer and fall showcase of events and activities which celebrate the Petitcodiac River and educate about the history, cultural importance, and potential of the river.

2021 marks a tremendous year for the Petitcodiac River. The opening of the new bridge, planned for the fall of 2021, as well as upgrades and modernization of Greater Moncton’s advanced secondary and biological wastewater treatment, which are nearly complete, means that we are witnessing the largest river restoration project in Canada at the beginning of the 21st century. Once considered one of the most endangered rivers in Canada, the Petitcodiac River is now one of the most successful river restoration projects in the country.

“This year presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the restoration of the river. We invite and encourage municipalities, towns, villages, businesses, institutions, and organizations in the region to incorporate the theme of the river into their programming to help us get as many people in the community as possible taking a moment to reflect on and appreciate our beloved Petitcodiac River”, says SPR Chair Ronald Babin. 

Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 officially kicks off this week (July 19th) with several events people can take part in, including many self-directed activities suggested by SPR, such as stargazing, birdwatching, bike riding and picnics, that can easily be accomplished individually or with a few close friends and/or family members while outside enjoying and taking in views of the river. Some of the events proposed by SPR can even be done virtually, such as taking a moment to learn about and support the campaign currently led by the organization to designate the new bridge as “Pont Petigotiag Bridge” as a meaningful gesture in recognition of the history of the Petitcodiac River and the contributions of its tricultural communities – Acadian, Mi’kmaq and Anglophone –towards its restoration efforts. The public is currently encouraged to vote on and choose a logo for this campaign and sign a declaration of support or send emails/letters of support.

Among the events offered by SPR’s partner organizations, the Town of Riverview is holding a series of Walking Tours called the “Hidden Secrets of the Riverfront” throughout July and August, the Moncton Library is hosting an outdoor reading adventure in Riverfront Park throughout August, and Resurgo Place is offering Tidal Bore presentations throughout the summer in Bore Park.

Events will continue to be offered weekly well into the fall months, with many being added weekly as more and more event organizers join in on the fun. The public is encouraged to view the full calendar of events and check in often at

“We’ll be heavily promoting all the events showcased on our Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 calendar via social media to create a buzz and excitement in the community as we get closer to the grand opening of the new bridge,” adds Babin. “We want this summer to be one of reflection and celebration related to the monumental changes the Petitcodiac River has gone through, all the while looking towards the future and getting people to learn new ways of engaging with the river in a responsible and sustainable way that can lead to community growth and economic development.”

Event organizers that wish to add their events and activities to the Celebrating the Petitcodiac 2021 calendar listings, or get in touch regarding opportunities to collaborate, can contact SPR at  


Welcoming our New Summer Student

We are excited to welcome Xochilt (So-chee) to our team, she will be working as an event coordinator, promoting our celebrations of the Petitcodiac river and removal of the causeway during the summer season. She is a high school student that moved to New-Brunswick 13 years ago and is currently fluent in English, French, and Spanish. She is eager to bring the community together in the efforts to protect our Petitcodiac watershed.

This summer Xochilt will be organizing our summer events, kicking it off with our photo contest #ILOVETHEPETITCODIAC.

We received over 80 entries in the contest! Our jury has picked 10 finalists based on the creativity of each photo and accompanying testimonial. Today is your last day to vote! Here’s the link to help choose our top 5 official winners!


Invitation- Petitcodiac Riverkeeper meet & greet and annual general meeting

Interested in the health and restoration of the Petitcodiac River? Come meet our Riverkeeper, give us feedback and find out how to get involved.

Much remains to be done for the Petitcodiac River to return to its natural state. The water quality does not meet the safety threshold necessary to practice recreational activities and fish spawning grounds are far from being completely restored. The causeway must be replaced with a partial bridge. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper represents the community’s interest in continued action and lobbying to ensure the complete restoration of the Petitcodiac River.

Members of the general public as well as current Petitcodiac Riverkeeper members are invited to learn more about priorities for the river’s restoration efforts and meet the new Riverkeeper and Executive Director of the organization, Daniel Bard.

Please join us for our Meet & Greet and Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, in the Port Royal Salon of the Château Moncton (100 Main Street, Moncton, NB).

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper Meet & Greet and Annual General Meeting
April 6, 2016, at the Château Moncton (100 Main Street, Moncton NB)
Port Royal Salon
Meet & Greet + Registration at 6:30 PM
Annual General Meeting at 7 PM
Everyone is welcome. Free event.

Download and print invitation

Download and print AGM Agenda

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is a registered non-profit organization based in Moncton, New Brunswick. Our mission is to lead the restoration, protection and promotion of the ecological integrity of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook watersheds and the Shepody Bay estuary, situated in southeastern New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy. Our mission is accomplished through public education, monitoring water quality, ensuring that environmental laws are respected and initiating rehabilitation projects.

Some of our accomplishments over the past 10 years include:

  • Petitcodiac River Restoration – We have raised public awareness and convinced government to act on the opening of the Petitcodiac River causeway’s gates and restoration of fish passage in the river.
  • Citizen and Youth Education: We have raised awareness about clean water and watershed issues among citizens and youth.
  • Addressing Pollution Sources – We have held polluters accountable, filed complaints and followed through on possible infractions to environmental legislation.


MONCTON, NB – Thursday, September 24, 2015 – Petitcodiac Riverkeeper invites all Greater Moncton residents to take a moment to enjoy the scenery and fresh air on the Riverfront Trail by the Petitcodiac River on this upcoming World Rivers Day (Sunday, September 27) and admire just how far the Petitcodiac River has come since the opening of the causeway gates.

World Rivers Day, launched by the United Nations, is annually celebrated on the last Sunday of every September. Last year, several million people across more than 60 countries celebrated the many values of the world’s waterways. More information is available on

“On this World Rivers Day, we’re reflecting on the progress that has been made with our beloved Petitcodiac River,” says Petitcodiac Riverkeeper President Paul N. Belliveau. “We also want to take this opportunity to reaffirm that Riverkeepers are committed and will continue to work towards the complete restoration of the Petitcodiac River. I’m very proud of the work our organization has achieved over the last decade. I invite residents to go outside on Sunday and take a moment to reflect and connect with the river on their own, to truly appreciate its beauty.”

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper says Greater Moncton residents have lots to take stock and appreciate on this World Rivers Days. This year, 2015, marked the five-year anniversary since the opening of the causeway gates. Residents can notice that the river is wider than before and that the tidal bore is bigger and stronger. Results from fish monitoring this past spring indicated an increase in populations of several species of native fish. It seems the ecosystem has gotten much healthier.

“I’m proud not only of all the work that led to the opening of the causeway gates in 2010, but also of our tireless efforts ever since to monitor the river’s health and help its ecosystem recover,” adds Belliveau. “There have been many recent successes, like the Humphreys Brook restoration project and our continued involvement with the Petitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition’s work to monitor and restore native fish populations. Since its beginning, our organization has been the Petitcodiac River’s watchdog, patrolling and monitoring the watershed and undertaking actions to promote compliance with environmental laws.”

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper hopes citizen will take a moment this Sunday to enjoy the Riverfront Trail with their friends and families and renew their commitment towards ensuring that the Petitcodiac River be protected and allowed to reclaim its former glory. “With elections coming up, citizens can demand candidates take a stand on our goal to see the causeway replaced by a bridge so that the river can flow completely free and natural once again,” suggests Belliveau. “They can volunteer to help us patrol the river and report polluters. They can let their voices be heard at the city council level to demand that plans for upcoming riverfront developments be maximized to ensure more healthy and environmentally friendly green spaces. We’re always looking for more volunteers, so I invite people who are inspired by World Rivers Day to contact us by email at”

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization. Its main objective is to restore the ecological health of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds, including the Shepody Bay estuary, located in southeastern New Brunswick. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator, and advocate. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper acts as a public voice for our waterways, protecting our right to clean water and a healthy watershed.

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Media Contact:
Paul N. Belliveau
President – Petitcodiac RiverkeeperEmail:
Phone: 506-855-2637Cell: 506-866-2637



MONCTON, NB – September 3, 2015 – Petitcodiac Riverkeeper welcomes the commitment demonstrated by the Government of New Brunswick in going forward with the Petitcodiac River project.

Recently, New Brunswick Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Roger Melanson called upon national party leaders to commit to helping the provincial government build a bridge to replace the causeway linking the cities of Moncton and Riverview, as part of their platforms. The provincial government is seeking $52.8 million from the federal government for this bridge, half of the total project cost. The bridge will be 240 meters long.

“Minister Melanson’s request is very encouraging. The provincial government seems ready to commit to this project, which will enable our river to regain its natural state, such as it was, several decades ago,” says Petitcodiac Riverkeeper President Paul N. Belliveau. “With collaboration between governments and partners, and a strong belief in this project, will be able to achieve our goal: having a healthy river once again.”

Since the opening of causeway gates in 2010, the Petitcodiac River has gotten healthier. The tidal bore is bigger and stronger, and there are many signs the river’s ecosystem is improving, such as an increase in populations of several species of native fish recently documented in a report by the Petitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition. Although they are proud to have won this first battle, Riverkeepers have always advocated that the best option for the Petitcodiac River is to replace the causeway with a bridge and never stopped promoting such a project. “We will continue to work hard until our dream comes true,” says Belliveau. “The support of the provincial government, which Mr. Melanson has publicly made known, takes us one step closer to this goal. I applaud this willingness demonstrated by the provincial government, and I echo the challenge Mr. Melanson has issued to the four national political parties during this election period. I want to see their leaders promise to support the Petitcodiac River project.”

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization. Its main objective is to restore the ecological health of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds, including the Shepody Bay estuary, located in southeastern New Brunswick. The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator, and advocate.  The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper acts as a public voice for our waterways, protecting our right to clean water and a healthy watershed.

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Media Contact:
Paul N. Belliveau
President – Petitcodiac RiverkeeperEmail: paul.n.belliveau@hotmail.comPhone: 506-855-2637Cell: 506- 866-2637



MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK – MONDAY JUNE 15, 2015 – With spring well underway, many sea-run fish species are entering the Petitcodiac River for spawning or rearing purposes.ThePetitcodiac Fish Recovery Coalition has set up its live fish trap and is ready to collect another season of data in order to monitor how well different fish species are faring. The coalition says it is pleased with the data its trapping efforts have generated for the past 5 years since the opening of the causeway gates in 2010. The data indicate that the health of the river’s ecosystem is improving.

“Many fish populations continue to be headed in desired directions following the opening of the causeway gates,” explains Edmund Redfield, who oversees the coalition’s fish trap operations and research. “Many native species populations that we hoped would increase are indeed doing so, some far more than expected, while the numbers of non-native invasive species are declining.”

Click here to read the news release.


Petitcodiac Riverkeeper worried about transaqua’s (Greater Moncton wastewater commision) P3 projet

MONCTON, NB – May 7, 2015 – Petitcodiac Riverkeeper says it is worried about the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission’s (now known as TransAqua) plan to seek a P3 (public-private partnership) as a funding model. The P3 project means to invest in a facilities upgrade to secondary treatment in order to meet new federal regulations that will come into effect in 2020.

According to Petitcodiac Riverkeeper’s Chair, Paul N. Belliveau, one must be careful with the P3 concept when it comes to funding and managing public services. “I believe that a public utility, such as a wastewater treatment plant, should remain within the public sector. There are several examples of similar projects for managing and treating wastewater that have not worked well and have had a negative impact on the environment.”

The Riverkeepers say they are worried that pursuing profit could now become the main focus for TransAqua if it is managed as a private company. This could lead to decisions that would compromise the quality of its services and operations. “We believe that the P3 concept simply poses unacceptable risks,” says Mr. Belliveau.

If the P3 project is accepted, users might be forced to see and accept an increase in rates without knowing the reasons behind this increase or having the right to demand access to information. “Wherever there are P3 projects in place to manage the collection and treatment of wastewater, we see this phenomenon, less operational control and lack of access to information by the public,” says Mr. Belliveau. “We know that TransAqua has a financial reserve in place that is quite attractive to private companies who do wastewater treatment. Having this reserve go to the hands of the private sector is very risky. We could lose control of a very vital public service.”

Having seen the dangers of P3 projects elsewhere which manage the collection and treatment of wastewater and given the risks (loss of control and the right of access to information by citizens, eventual compromises on quality of operations and services when profit becomes the number one priority and potential negative environmental impacts), Petitcodiac Riverkeeper believes TransAqua’s management should be fully in the hands of the public sector instead of a public-private partnership.

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization. Its main objective is to restore the ecological health of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds, including the Shepody Bay estuary, located in southeastern New Brunswick. The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator, and advocate.  The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper acts as a public voice for our waterways, protecting our right to clean water and a healthy watershed.




MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK – March 19th, 2015 – Petitcodiac Riverkeeper held its Annual General Meeting last night at the Chateau Moncton Hotel. The organisation, now in it’s 16th year, proudly presented new strategic priorities that will guide its members and volunteers.

While our region’s beloved “Chocolate River” is doing much better since the opening of the causeway gates in 2010, the organization warns that work is not yet over in order to completely restore the Petitcodiac River. Riding the wave of community support and public interest that was sparked with the recent surfing phenomena, a renewed mission and vision as well as new strategic goals had to be put in place to ensure Riverkeepers achieve new projects that not only benefit the Petitcodiac, Memramcook and Shepody rivers, but also tap into public support to foster more active community engagement. For the past six months, the organization’s Board of Directors has thus concentrated on elaborating the organization’s new strategic plan, which will guide activities and priority projects during the next three years.

“We met with members and key partners in the community in order to understand what is the role we now need to play and how we can better work together,” explains Petitcodiac RIverkeeper President Paul. N. Belliveau. “Like so many other non profit organizations, funding remains one of our biggest challenges, but I am confident that our work will lead us to some impressive results in the coming year.

Priority projects for the organization include replacing the Petitcodiac River causeway with a partial bridge, completing the Memramcook River causeway project, removing the Mills Creek Dam in Riverview (project of similar nature to the work that was recently completed with the Humphreys Brook Restoration project), and working with the City of Moncton, the City of Dieppe and the Town of Riverview to look into the development and launch of an Interpretation Centre on the Petitcodiac Riverfront Trail. The organization is also closely monitoring developments at TransAqua – the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission – in order to ensure the Commission respects environmental priorities outlined in its strategic plan.

Board of Directors members were also elected for the coming year during the March 18th Annual General Meeting.

Paul N. Belliveau – Chair
Georges Brun – Vice-Chair
Monique Arseneault – Secretary-Treasurer
Roger Dubois – Director
Jean-Marc Dugas – Director
Alfred Ehrenclou  – Director
Bryant Freeman  – Director
Conrad LeBlanc – Director
Edmund Redfield – Director
Sarah Short – Director
Jimmy Therrien – Director



There is a team of volunteers which has responded YES to this question!

Our Mission
Petitcodiac Riverkeeper welcomes Anglophones and Francophones who want to work together to ensure the restoration, protection and development of the Petitcodiac River and Shepody Bay Estuary watersheds.

We are looking to recruit volunteers residing in the following regions:

  • Riverview
  • Salisbury-Petitcodiac
  • Fort Folly
  • Hillsborough-Hopewell

Strategic Plan
Petitcodiac Riverkeeper will be launching its strategic plan during an Annual General Meeting at the Château Moncton (Port Royal conference room) on March 18, 2015, starting at 7pm.

Volunteers on our new Board of Directors will thus be able to refer to this strategic plan to channel their energies towards our organization’s priority goals.

If you would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to send you name, phone number and email address to Conrad LeBlanc (506-758-8118 or



News Release
For Immediate Distribution

MONCTON, NB – November 28, 2014 – Petitcodiac Riverkeeper wishes to congratulate the Town of Amherst, Nova Scotia for this past week’s well-informed decision by town councillors not to allow the disposal of treated wastewater from Atlantic Industrial Services’ (AIS) facilities located in Debert, Nova Scotia, in its municipal sewers. Petitcodiac Riverkeeper says this decision clearly demonstrates the municipal councillors’ awareness of environmental hazards in the proposed plan. The organizations believes disposing the treated wastewater in the sewage system would likely cause many problems in the region’s watersheds, affecting the LaPlanche, Memramcook and Petitcodiac rivers, and even the Bay of Fundy.

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper acknowledges the courage shown by the Town of Amherst to rule against AIS’ project. The organization wishes to thank the town councillors for putting water quality, and thus the health of the environment and of its citizens, first. The Riverkeepers hope this decision will inspire Dieppe’s city councillors, which have also been approached by AIS for the disposal of its wastewater. Neither decision nor final answer has yet been communicated to AIS by the City of Dieppe, which is currently waiting for the results from the province of NB’s environmental impact assessment.

Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization. It’s main objective is to restore the ecological health of the Petitcodiac and Memramcook River watersheds, including the Shepody Bay estuary, located in southeastern New Brunswick. The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator and advocate.  The Petitcodiac Riverkeeper acts as a public voice for our waterways, protecting our right to clean water and a healthy watershed.