Petitcodiac River Prize 2020

We recently awarded our 2020 Petitcodiac River Award to artist-photographer Serge Martin.For the past several years, Serge Martin has photographed the multifaceted Petitcodiac River on a daily basis and has taken countless pictures of exceptional quality and beauty. With diligence and great care and through various social media sites, he has shared his photos with the communities surrounding the Petitcodiac River, which has brought him an ever-increasing number of followers on the Internet.

This has greatly contributed to reawakening the sense of wonder and pride our fellow citizens feel for their rediscovered river, which can be seen by the growing influx of walkers, cyclists, wildlife enthusiasts, tidal bore watchers and occasional surfers – all highlighting the river’s increasing recreation and ecotourism potential.

There is no doubt that Serge Martin shares the same goals and values as Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper in promoting, protecting, restoring, and safeguarding the Petitcodiac River. It is therefore with great pleasure and recognition that we present him with the Petitcodiac River Award 2020.

Congratulations, Serge!

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